We provide the technology to monitor the status of transport infrastructure (roads & rails) using vehicle movement.

We are able to tell you, where the problem on the infrastructure is, so you have more time to plan the needed solution.

Did you know?

In detail

Tracking FORM08.COM researches and analyses the condition of transportation infrastructure using its own IoT solutions. The sensors of the unique Telematic Unit - developed by the company – constantly and in real-time evaluate the state of transport routes (whether road or rail) and immediately send their findings into its own Data Analytic Platform cloud. Whether it is a new hole in the road after winter, a shifted canal, or a bent track, after the first crossing we know there is a problem on the route.

By automating the process of finding a problem on the asphalt or rail-track, and by allowing the repair to be carried out on time, we save money and protect the lives of passengers.

We monitor roads and rail-tracks in order to diagnose places demanding maintenance in advance. We provide a solution that does not burden the budget, a solution that saves on the work force, and a solution that works in a variety of weather conditions.

How does it work?

5 steps to quality infrastructure

01 Installation

install form08 unit to your vehicle

02 Monitoring

form08 unit scans rails and roads while the vehicle is in use

03 Detection & Prediction

form08 unit detects and analyses any imperfections on rails and roads

04 Warning

data about all imperfections gets sent to your center

05 Maintenance

you can provide maintenance in advance to prevent damage

Fields of use

Our solution helps in several areas connected to transport:

01 Monitoring railroads or roads

discovers defects, monitors the progress of degradation, and shows results in real-time, which helps prevent dangerous situations and can really save lives, money and time. It shows even hidden defects in seconds, those that are difficult to detect visually by a person or a camera.

02 Real-time monitoring of vehicles

shows current positions, delays according to timetables, the driving styles of your employees, checks abnormal vibrations, etc. And what is more, all data can be integrated into your current systems.

Our customers

01 Public authorities

  • State Government
  • Regional Governments
  • Municipalities

02 Transport infrastructure maintainers

  • Road maintenance companies
  • Railroad maintenance companies

Core features

Proof of concepts

There are several pilots and proof of concept projects in the Czech Republic. Two of the most important pilots are running with the:

01 Prague

Public Transport Company in Prague, where the solution is being tested with tram railroads. Two generations of Telematic Units and dashboards have been tested, and during the test the success rate of defect discovery has increased significantly. The current success rate is excellent in comparison to visual tracking (low success rate, but cheap) as well as to laser technology (higher success rate, but expensive). Our technology offers the best value for money.

02 Kladno

In cooperation with the city of Kladno and AVE (one of the biggest waste management companies in the Czech Republic), we tested the solution for tracking road surfaces in the medium-sized town of Kladno.
The project has been evaluated as successful, with a recommendation to continue monitoring and collecting data. During the project, tests were conducted to find the best position of the Telematic Unit in the vehicle to get the most relevant data.

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